Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I want to ask some questions, how may I contact Exportaworld?

We kindly ask you to send your questions via our contact form online, or use our whatsapp account.

I want to send an inquiry; do I need to sign up on the website?

We invite you to sign up today and complete your profile, so that you will have your own panel to get in touch with our support team and get your invoices directly at your panel.

What is the minimum of quantity for placing my order?

It depends on the product and the supplier, you can place your order from one pallet to a container, we provide you the prices depending on the volume of your order. Choose your best option regarding your need.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Depending on the product, the quantity, shipping method and port of delivery it can take from 2 up to 8 weeks. Which is shown in detail on the related product page.

How much should I pay in advance for placing my order?

We invite you to proceed your prepayment online or by money transfer which is 40% of the final invoice.

Can I get a free sample?

We are here to prepare your sample with your customized demands and design and send it to your location. We will charge you for the sample at the first place, but after getting your order we will reduce the cost of sample, not the shipping, in your final invoice.

Where can I get my order?

We will send the cargo directly to your address.

I want to order the product with my specific logo and design, is this service available?

Sure, you dream about your desired design, and packaging, we will manage it with your private label by helping our partners.

Is there any warehouse in Europe or UK where I can see the product?

No, there is no warehouse or physical showroom available, but you may order for a sample.

I am a supplier and I want to work with you, how can I get in touch with you?

At Exportaworld, we have our verified partners whom we have direct contact with them and for each cargo shipping from the factory, we have observers and quality controllers to be able to keep our standards as high as possible. So, unfortunately, we are not open to put your product in our supply chain.

Is Exportaworld a B2B platform?

No, is not a platform for linking suppliers and buyers around the world. We are Export Management Company based in UK where we export our business partners’ products around the world to EU countries and UK.

What kind of information is needed to place and order?

If you are a company, the registered company name and location with the registration number is needed. If you are not completing your purchase with a name of a company, we need your name, address and your details.